We are an artist-driven entertainment company on a mission to tell stories about americans of color better than anyone else in the world. 


Reality Revolution is an artist-driven entertainment company on a mission to tell  stories about Americans of Color better than anyone else in the world. We are committed to developing entertaining, culture-forward, and commercially viable content for television, film, digital , and live events that explore our specific cultural experiences and universal humanity with honesty, humor, and heart.  We believe our unique mix of an artistry vs. industry approach, raw talent cultivation, and unapologetically original concepts will allow us to create a new generation of signature stories that  celebrate and shakeup the reality, identity, and perspective of the future American majority. 

2012 / the foundation

After a promising first pitch meeting with a major network for a teen girl transformation project, Reality Revolution is born with a focus on reality TV featuring women, minorities, spirituality, and social issues. We finance our first sizzle reel trailer through a crowdfunding campaign that fosters social conversation about what reality TV can be, as featured on Tom Joyner Morning Show and Madame Noire. 

2013 / the fall back

We enter a research, alignment, and strategy period after a grueling introduction to our first taste of development hell. We maintain active relationships with potential talent for reality TV content, while remaining focused on finding synergy with the larger identity for the brand beyond our teen transformation project.

2014 / first collaboration

Behind the scenes relationships and collaborations lead to two talent development deals with our longtime friends at Picture Window Productions. Both projects were actively pitched at multiple networks to great reviews, but no bite. A very busy and productive period, this planted the seeds for us to understand and commit to our signature style of storytelling, particularly in the reality TV space.

2015 / find your footing 

Refreshed, we really found our creative footing in 2015. We continued to quietly foster organic conversations with like-minded producers, talent, and influencers. But most importantly, we got really clear about our intent, process, and long term viability and vision.

2016 / future minded   

After four years of being battle tested, this next year we embrace alignment with our ultimate big picture vision - creating scripted and unscripted stories by, for, and about the future majority...Americans of Color. We are excited to establish our new brand voice and focus on financing, infrastructure, and creating reality-shifting content and conversations about race, entertainment, and what's possible beyond the current White male dominated entertainment model. Currently, we have one unscripted series, one single camera comedy, and one feature-length film in development. 



founder, creative director 

A decade since her 2006 feature film debut performance at Sundance, Roger Ebert Golden Thumb Recipient & NAACP award-winning actress Kaira Akita is settling into her skin as a daring artist and creative force on camera, behind the camera, and beyond.  She is most recognized for comedic roles in the #1 box office hits Why Did I Get Married and The Family That Preys, along with her history making series regular role in BET's first scripted series Somebodies

Beyond her creative instincts and innate passion for progressive culture and entertainment, Kaira has a wealth of experience in branding, creative direction, entrepreneurship, and the nonprofit arts.

Her ultimate goal is to become the next great artistic agitator by creating stories, spaces, and systems that shake up personal identity, evolve cultural conversations, challenge social norms, and nurture high-impact artists who have the audacity to believe they can change the world. 

Follow Kaira at @republicofakita and www.RepublicofAkita.com


With a comedic voice described by the Associated Press as having "the laser incisiveness of Chris Rock and the knowing graciousness of Garrison Keiller," Hadjii is giving voice to a new generation of Black comedy. His first feature, Somebodies, premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and went on to receive a Golden Thumb Award from legendary film critic Roger Ebert, Best Screenplay at the 2006 Sarasota Film Festival, and earned Hadjii a Best New Director Award at the 2007 Pan-African Film Festival.

After the success of Somebodies the film, Hadjii developed Somebodies the television series for BET, making it the network's first scripted content. Other credits include writing and producing a television pilot for Adult Swim with Nick Cannon; writing and voicing characters for the Smosh TV's animated Youtube hit Politicats; and developing original content for Russell Simmons' All Def Digital. He also worked as a consultant on Adult Swim's hit animated series, Black Dynamite and head writer for FOX's shortcom The Charlie Murphy Project.

In 2015, Hadjii sold a pilot to Disney XD loosely based on his 2008 book, Don't Let My Mama Read This: A Southern Fried Memoir.

Follow Hadjii at www.HadjiiWorld.com.



We can't do it alone. We have immediate openings for fellow game-changers who live, sleep, and eat excellence. All positions are internship or stipend-based. 

Work directly with leadership and producing teams to coordinate all aspects of development process. Experience in entertainment and project management preferred. Exceptional organizational skills and common sense a must. 

Work closely with leadership and outside agencies to develop and execute social campaigns and maintain social media presence. Experience in social media, creative, and audience engagement preferred. Exceptional communication skills and common sense a must. 

investment opportunities

We've got big plans for the short and long term, and we're looking for like-minded game-changers to help us deliver. Interested? We'd  love to tell you more about our unique strategy, goals, and how you can be a part of the new reality in entertainment.


We do not accept unsolicited pitches. Thank you!

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